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Faith and family meet where people are trying to live for God and find his grace in their homes. I pray that the content I write on this site will encourage you in your own life journey.

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Good neighbors are one of life's great blessings

Good Neighbors Are One of Life’s Great Blessings

A friend up the street passed away early yesterday morning. When a family member called and asked if Pam and I would make a visit, we went straight there. Not so much because we’re in the ministry but because we’re neighbors. Good neighbors are one of life’s great blessings. The challenges to being a good neighbor Almost everyone wants to know their neighbors but in today’s world it’s easier said than done. People are busy. Life is hectic. There’s little time for the kind of leisurely conversations where you really get to know one another–even though most of us have front porches we rarely use them. Our connection with the […]

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Baptism at the River Is a Holy Moment

Baptism at the river is a holy moment in people’s lives. That’s why each year our church hosts a church-wide picnic and outdoor baptism. And it’s why a huge crowd always turns out. This year’s event was more special than usual because we couldn’t do it last year during COVID. Our men grill hamburgers and […]

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Be Still and Know that I Am God

          “Be still and know that I am God.” That familiar phrase from Psalm 46:10 has been my guide through all the craziness of the last year. Even now, with the worst of the virus over and life starting to return to normal, I still need to hear it every day. […]

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Little things matter in life

The Small Things in Life Matter More Than We Realize

The small things in life matter more than we realize. That’s what I was reminded of this week when Pam and I took a homemade pound cake to a neighbor. She and her husband live up the street from us and we’d wave when we passed on the road but didn’t know much about them. […]

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