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Faith and family meet where people are trying to live for God and find his grace in their homes. I pray that the content I write on this site will encourage you in your own life journey.

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Pastor don't give up

Pastor, Now Isn’t the Time to Quit

COVID-19 is becoming an increasing threat to America’s churches. Participation is falling. Finances are dropping. Ministries are coming to a halt. And, according to some studies, the growing pressures are leading many church leaders either to leave their positions or start planning to. But for most pastors, now isn’t the time to quit. In his latest blog Southern Baptist leader Thom Rainer says the situation is critical: The vast majority of pastors with whom our team communicates are saying they are considering quitting their churches. It’s a trend I have not seen in my lifetime. Some are just weeks away from making an announcement. They are looking for work in […]

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Quiet time with the Lord leads to a deeper relationship with him

Why Have a Daily Quiet Time?

“Preacher, I need you to tell me how to have a quiet time.” The senior adult man sitting in my office had almost died a few weeks before in a terrifying accident and was now more serious than ever about spending time with the Lord. He dumped on my table the armload of material he’d […]

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Pastors on Edge: The Challenge of Church Leadership During COVID-19

COVID-19 has disrupted America at every level, with no institution, organization or business safe from its impact. But the virus is hitting the nation’s religious landscape especially hard—and some pastors are starting to wonder if they’re up to the challenge. It’s not that pastors have it worse than other leaders right now. I can’t imagine […]

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