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Faith and family meet where people are trying to live for God and find his grace in their homes. I pray that the content I write on this site will encourage you in your own life journey.

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What We Should Expect When America’s Churches Reopen

America’s churches are starting to reopen. As the spread of COVID-19 shows signs of slowing and government begins to loosen restrictions for public gatherings, we’re slowly coming out of isolation and resuming normal routines. We can once again eat at our favorite restaurant. Walk in the park. Work out in the gym. Get a haircut. Best of all, we can come back to church. But what should we expect when we return? I believe there are three major expectations that every church will need to wrestle with as they reopen. The fact is that many of the churches that closed in March are significantly different today and congregational expectations that […]

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Road Trip: Keeping Your Sanity During Quarantine

When the pressures of the quarantine began taking a toll on our marriage, religion and sanity, my wife and I did the only sensible thing: we took a road trip. A road trip is a statement of freedom and adventure and requires a vehicle that matches. I’m cheap by nature and didn’t want to spring […]

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COVID-19 May Force Churches to Change–and That’s a Good Thing

Sometime in the next few weeks American churches will start reopening following the weeks of quarantine from COVID-19. While no one knows just how the process will go, one thing seems clear: the churches we return to likely won’t be the same as the ones we knew before. The shock our nation has gone through […]

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Pandemic Prayer: How to Talk to God in a Crisis

The suffering and disruption of COVID-19 has driven people to prayer as never before—but are they praying in the best way? Maybe that’s not a fair question—who are we to say which prayer is better than another? If the Bible tells us anything about God, it’s that he’s less focused on formal religious behavior than […]

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