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Andy Stanley Just Closed His Church until 2021—What Does that Mean for the Rest of Us?

Last week Andy Stanley—pastor of North Point Church in Atlanta, GA—announced that in light of the recent spike in COVID-19 infections his church would remain closed until January, 2021. His statement sent shock waves through American church life and affected every pastor I know. As a respected leader and bestselling author, Stanley exercises enormous influence and whenever he sets a course, others soon follow. A case in point is yesterday’s announcement by JD Greear, pastor of Summit Church in Raleigh, NC and President of the Southern Baptist Convention, that his church also plans to delay reopening until 2021. Stanley’s real impact, though, may result less from his decision itself than […]

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Pastors on Edge: The Challenge of Church Leadership During COVID-19

COVID-19 has disrupted America at every level, with no institution, organization or business safe from its impact. But the virus is hitting the nation’s religious landscape especially hard—and some pastors are starting to wonder if they’re up to the challenge. It’s not that pastors have it worse than other leaders right now. I can’t imagine […]

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The Small Things in Life Bring Peace in a Time of Chaos

The world feels out of control right now—but finding peace may be as simple as focusing on the smaller things of life.   That’s why I built the raised garden bed in the picture at top.   The bed is eight feet long, four feet wide, three feet deep and filled with garden soil from […]

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