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Faith and family meet where people are trying to live for God and find his grace in their homes. I pray that the content I write on this site will encourage you in your own life journey.

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God is our Abba Father

What’s the Best Way to Address God?

What’s the best way to address God? That’s not an easy question, even for a preacher. But a three-year-old girl gave me an answer so simple and practical that I laughed out loud when I grasped the truth of what she said. The Bible Gives Many Names for God Of course, the little girl didn’t know that the Bible is so full of names for God that theologians never tire of writing books to explain them. In the Old Testament there’s his personal name, Yahweh. The more generic name of Elohim is also frequently used. Then there are names like the Lord, Lord God, Lord of Hosts. Other, more descriptive […]

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Bearing fruit as we grow older

Staying Fruitful as We Grow Older

Who would want to be compared to a lemon tree? Other trees have more admirable qualities. The strength of an oak. The height of a pine. The beauty of a beech. The stateliness of a magnolia. A lemon tree has none of those things. But it does have one trait that I value more and […]

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Reading great Christian books nourishes your soul

Ten Christian Books to Nourish Your Soul in 2022

Are you looking for some good books to read this year? The kind that will comfort your heart and nourish your spirit in the next twelve months? Here’s a list of ten great books that you may want to check out. They’re not the fluff pieces that often fill today’s Christian bookstore shelves. Instead, they […]

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Welcome Jesus into your home

Welcome Jesus into Your Home This Christmas

Baby Shark didn’t belong in the manger scene; but there he was, sitting near Joseph. A couple of days before, my daughter had carefully arranged a beautiful manger scene on top of her piano then sent me a picture of her handiwork. Baby Jesus was surrounded by adoring shepherds, worshipful wise men, cows, sheep and, […]

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