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Faith and family meet where people are trying to live for God and find his grace in their homes. I pray that the content I write on this site will encourage you in your own life journey.

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America’s Churches Can’t Stay Closed Much Longer

Who could have imagined a time when America’s churches would close? Whether natural disasters, wars, tragedies and depressions, Americans have always turned first to their churches in times of national crisis. But two weeks ago the Coronavirus changed everything. In the face of a pandemic that defied medical intervention and government policy, churches of every size, denomination and setting suspended worship, closed their buildings and told their people to stay home. Like almost every other public organization, group or business, congregations went into the self-isolation that health experts pointed to as the best response to the growing threat. It was a hard decision for us pastors to make because we […]

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Building Our Children’s Faith in the Time of Coronavirus

The spread of Coronavirus is threatening untold numbers of lives, de-stabilizing national economies and disrupting the lifestyle of people across the world but for Christian parents it poses an additional risk—the spiritual well-being of our children. How can they learn about faith if they’re surrounded by uncertainty, anxiety and fear? It’s not that we shouldn’t […]

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The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

If hurry is an epidemic–and I think it is–then most people I know are infected. Meetings, appointments, calls, texts, emails, chores–life today can get so filled up with stuff that without really meaning to, you can find yourself trapped in a perpetual state of hurry. “Honey, we’re gonna be late.” “What’s taking the kids so […]

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