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Faith and family meet where people are trying to live for God and find his grace in their homes. I pray that the content I write on this site will encourage you in your own life journey.

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Finding time to pray is hard for busy families

Prayer on the Run

Finding time to pray is hard for busy families. The church tries to help. We encourage people to set aside time for prayer and Bible study on a regular basis because if love is a function of time–and it is–how can we expect to love God if we don’t spend time with Him? The problem is that many people in our churches don’t have time to spare. Who has time to pray? If they’re younger parents, they wake up in the morning to kids who need breakfast, grocery shopping put off from yesterday, work appointments to prepare for, school functions to coordinate, checkbooks to be balanced and car keys they […]

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What to do when you feel bored with God

Bored with God

Do you feel bored with God? The kind of feeling that keeps you from prayer. That when you look at your Bible, you don’t have enough energy to pick it up and read it. That makes you look for reasons not to go to church on Sunday morning. Not that God himself is boring—of course […]

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God is our Abba Father

What’s the Best Way to Address God?

What’s the best way to address God? That’s not an easy question, even for a preacher. But a three-year-old girl gave me an answer so simple and practical that I laughed out loud when I grasped the truth of what she said. The Bible Gives Many Names for God Of course, the little girl didn’t […]

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Bearing fruit as we grow older

Staying Fruitful as We Grow Older

Who would want to be compared to a lemon tree? Other trees have more admirable qualities. The strength of an oak. The height of a pine. The beauty of a beech. The stateliness of a magnolia. A lemon tree has none of those things. But it does have one trait that I value more and […]

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